We are so pleased to tell you all of the remarkable story of our 24th CCF Family!!!

Please take just a few minutes out of your day to watch this incredible story unfold of a very special family. Watch this very moving and emotional story knowing that this is yet another inspiring CCF family YOU have helped us support. We feel truly blessed that we have been able to ease their financial worries.

Ciara and Andy Johnston are the parents of twins Ben and Leo and their youngest son Harry, they live in Co Amagh, Northern Ireland. 5-year-old Ben is such a brave little boy whose life began very differently to his twin brother…

The Charlie Cookson Foundation are so grateful to all of our supporters, your kindness and generosity is changing the lives of our CCF Families.

If you put yourself in their place for a few seconds…your child depends upon life support machinery, you are unable to work as your child needs your around the clock care, at any point your child could be admitted to hospital, your child is suffering a life limiting condition…and your bills are escalating and there is no financial support available. The worry for your child would be soul destroying alone, then the worry of how can you pay your bills leaves you with a feeling of despair!

Thank you….for letting us alleviate this worry from the parents of these courageous children, allowing them to spend quality time with their child, the time they have with them is very precious.

Please read and share thank you all so much xxx

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