During Heart Month, we’d like to share Carter’s story

After a five-year journey filled with both pain and strength, Sarah and Chris decided to face their fears and try again to have a family. When they discovered they were expecting a baby boy, emotions swirled – overjoyed, scared, and nervous, but they did their very best to stay positive and pray for a healthy…

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WorkerBee supports Great North Run Team for 2024

A group of ladies holding a running vest

We were delighted to see Andrea from WorkerBee when she popped in last week. Andrea has kindly agreed to sponsor our running vests for all of our Great North Runners this year, allowing us to raise more funds on the day. Andrea, owner of WorkerBee said I couldn’t fathom the emotional turmoil parents must endure…

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Thank you to Nearby Taxis for choosing to support CCF this year

Nearby Taxis have kindly decided to support The Charlie and Carter Foundation this year in a number of different ways which will be announced soon. Steven Pippin from Nearby Taxis said “We’ve discussed ways in which we can support the group and already we’ve got some great ideas we’ll be able to tell you about…

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Hugh’s Law

We are fully behind this… we are wishing Hugh’s parents every success in having this passed in court. Hugh’s parents are a mirror image of the parent’s we financially support. The Charlie & Carter Foundation financially support parents who care 24/7 for their sick child who is suffering a life limiting condition. We understand the…

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Remembering Carter John Cookson from Daddy

A message from our Founder Chris, Carters Daddy 19-01-2019 is a day that we should of never went through, it’s a day that Carter should of never went through. Since the 19-01-2019 we have been lost even more since loosing Charlie. We never feel like we can move on. We never feel like we should…

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Remembering Carter John Cookson from Mammy

A message from our Founders Sarah and Chris Cookson

“The words… they are really struggling to flow from me today..

The heaviness in my head is blocking my thoughts, In my mind I am seeing this day 5 years ago on repeat, its like watching a movie in my head or more a nightmare and I am rewinding then fast forwarding…

We are walking from Scott’s House knowing in our hearts it’s our last time..

Then I am calling our family and friends to come and say goodbye..

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In Memory of Carter John Cookson

December & January These are Carter’s months… he was only with us for a short time but he had such an effect on so many, his plea for a heart literally travelled across the world! We received messages from as far as Australia and South Africa, people desperately wanting our baby boy to receive his…

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Our Donation of Essential Items to Scotts House

Our trustee Claire Lee Haley, her family, friends and business colleagues have done absolutely amazing with this….. the biggest of THANK YOU to everyone who donated! They did a collection bank for essentials that The Sick Children’s Trust Scott House could use for the families in their time in need. Chris and I know how…

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Our New CCF Ambassador ‘Kaylee Ann Davidson-Olley’

We would like to make a very special announcement At our CCF Christmassy afternoon we asked an amazing lady if she would do us the great honour in becoming our ‘Charlie & Carter Foundation Ambassador’ and she said with the biggest smile YES This living miracle inspires us everyday and we know she has the…

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