During Heart Month, we’d like to share Carter’s story

After a five-year journey filled with both pain and strength, Sarah and Chris decided to face their fears and try again to have a family. When they discovered they were expecting a baby boy, emotions swirled – overjoyed, scared, and nervous, but they did their very best to stay positive and pray for a healthy baby boy.

After a healthy pregnancy, Sarah’s last scan showed that their baby boy was transverse and had not grown since the last scan. With immense courage, they faced an emergency C Section, delivering Carter into the world on boxing day 2018. He was beautiful – the double of his big brother.

However, within a mere 10 hours, their world shifted once more. Carter fell seriously ill, his heart proving to be the source of his struggles. Swiftly, they found themselves at the Freeman Hospital, surrounded by a team of dedicated caregivers at the Children’s Pediatric Heart Unit. After many investigations, these heartbroken parents were told that the only way Carter would survive was with a heart transplant.

In the face of adversity, Sarah and Christopher’s determination soared. Their plea for a heart for Carter spread like wildfire, uniting people from all corners of the globe.

For 25 days, they navigated the heart-wrenching path of caring for a child with a life-limiting condition. The pain etched in their hearts is immeasurable, yet their resilience shines through. From the fragments of their shattered hearts, they channelled their strength into a mission greater than themselves. The foundation they created stands as a testament to their unwavering love for Carter and their commitment to families facing similar challenges.

Carter’s legacy lives on, inspiring us all to embrace each day with hope, compassion, and unwavering love. 💙💙

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