Blessed” and “Lucky” are the words the parents of our CCF Families use when describing their lives. Their sick child has shown them what unconditional love really is and that life is very precious. Every day they live with the knowing that their sick child is suffering a life limiting condition, but they do all they can to put this to the back of their mind and cherish every moment they have with them.

Let us introduce to you our 34th CCF Family, Mammy Rachael Livingston and her daughter Elizabeth-Jane from Liverpool. Elizabeth-Jane is 26 months young and has sadly been through so much pain since the day she was born. Rachael’s journey with her baby girl, certainly has not been the norm! This inspirational young lady did not know she was pregnant until the moment she gave birth at 21 years old. Watch this video to see the truly heartbreaking story behind this amazing family…

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