Please let us introduce to you our 33rd CCF Family…Christine and Mark Appleyard, the parents of the beautiful Evie May Appleyard from Stockport.

CCF look at the lifeline of the sick children – their parent/parents. We understand that the sick child has a greater success rate of survival if they have the one to one around the clock care from their parents. BUT what if the parents are unable to care for their sick child as they have to go to work or they will lose their home, or they are unable to care for them as they are suffering a breakdown due to the financial strain they are under. The outcome of this is THE CHILD WILL SUFFER. CCF relieve these inspirational parents of their financial burdens to allow them to take care of their sick child and make precious memories in what short life they have together.

Please take just a few moments out of your day to watch this incredible story unfold…

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