Founders Sarah and Chris to take on Snowdon at Sunrise Challenge!

Our Inspirational founders Sarah and Chris Cookson are set to take on Snowdon at Sunrise Challenge to help raise essential funds for the charity.

On Sunday 23rd June, Sarah, Chris and a team of 19 eager hikers and supporters are heading down to Wales to take on one of the highest mountains in the UK. Setting off at 2am in the morning, they will hike up Mount Snowdon in the dark and watch the sun rise on the ascent before taking in the spectacular views across Wales.

Sarah says:

Everyday I climb a mountain, just to get up, but I do it to make my boys proud 🪽🪽

Next month… I am ACTUALLY climbing a real life mountain for our charity to help raise funds for our CCF Families.

I have no idea how I will do it, with my diary training time is zero, here’s hoping my boys will lift me along with the amazing supporters we have doing it with us!

Please give what you can, I would appreciate it so so much, it will push me on as I never want to let anyone down… doing this for our boys, our CCF Families, those that sponsor me, to prove to myself how much strength I have.

The team are aiming to raise £3,000, which would support a family financially for 3 months, allowing them breathing space to care for their child and not worry about bills. For more information about how the charity helps families, click here .

If you would like to sponsor Sarah you can click the link here and to sponsor Chris click the link here . Any support is always appreciated and means so much to us.

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