Happy 13th Heavenly Birthday Charlie!

He is a teenager in heaven… Happy 13th Birthday to our biggest boy ‘Charlie’

I have been looking back at all of our videos of our first born, so many in a hospital bed, but he still managed to give us his smiles and giggles, we were very lucky though to have both his birthdays at home, his 1st was a little house party with so many visitors and his 2nd, well we went full out and had a hall full and it really was a day for us to remember, his balloons on the stage at Perth Green CA, the same place of his little brothers gender reveal.

My heart hurts every second of every day for both our boys, but the proudness I feel for them, helps me take the biggest of breaths and push on ‘for them’ Our Charlie, he was such a little character, he absolutely loved to bounce and music, I think that might be down to me and the freestyle world 😊 whatever made him giggle we made it happen, even if it meant his Daddy suffering Mammy’s singing.

He was so brave, he battled every day against his undiagnosed illness to stay with us as long as he could… we were his voice to keep him safe for two and a half years and we still are and will continue to be, without him we would not be helping so many others.

The past few weeks it has really hit me, knowing that he would have been starting his journey as a teenager, I would give everything to have him rolling his eyes at me, him giving me cheek, the creeping in of the hormones…. But of course, I would have been the ‘bad Mam’ telling him off when his Dad would be saying “It’s alright sonna” (just like Chance 😊)

If I could predict you would have been much taller than me with those long legs you were born with, you would have had a curl to your hair, which would have done your head in I bet, you would have mousy brown hair (like me) have your Dad’s charisma, I mean who doesn’t love Chris but have my heart and be far too soft, even though you would try your best not to show it.

This path we have been given was not the path we had planned, we both feel robbed of the life we should have had but at the same time we feel so blessed that we were/are Mammy and Daddy to the most special, brave, beautiful angels.

We hope you are having a party in the clouds Charlie, we normally relax and take a day off on your special days… but not today, you both have plans for us and our CCF Family/Supporters …getting ready for our most special comp of the year! We hope we do you proud Charlie… your birthday month is shining…and this year you are even turning South Shields Town Hall blue💙💙

Happy Birthday Angel we love you more than words could every say xxxxxxx💙💙

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