The Charlie Cookson Foundation will financially support the parents of this amazing 12 year old girl, Jasmine Beedles. It’s Jasmine’s birthday today (13/6/14), another milestone achieved, a one the Doctor’s never thought she would see! Jasmine lives in Merseyside with her Mam, Dad and her 2 year old sister Zara. Parent’s Samantha and Ben have lived a life full of love for their children but also one of constant worry for their eldest and worry of how to pay their bills…this has been for over a decade…they are both so inspiring!


Jasmine spent the first four years of her life in Alderhey Hospital, she was in Intensive Care for 18 months. Jasmine was sadly diagnosed with the following;

• DiGeorge Syndrome

• Complex Cardiac Disease including;


Atrial Septal Defect

Ventricular Septal Defect

Pulomary Atresia

Patent Ductus Arterisus

Transposition of the great arteries and mapcas

• Pulmonary Hypertension

• The need for a Tracheostomy – Ventilated 24/7

• The need for a Gastrostomy

When Jasmine was born her mother Samantha had to give up work immediately to give her daughter 24/7 care, Jasmine’s father Ben tried to continue to work for a while, but life became too difficult and he left work not long after.

Their little girl was so very poorly, they wanted to spend as much time as possible with her, When Jasmine was eventually discharged at 4 year old she went home on a ventilator and oxygen via her tracheostomy. This was a time of such mixed emotions for her parents, so happy to have her home, but a realisation of how their life was never going to be the norm! Jasmine always has two people with her 24/7, one of them must be fully trained in resuscitation, using a suction machine/ventilator, be able to perform emergency tracheostomy change, administer medication via a peg…..the list goes on. As well as being able to recognise early signs of respiratory distress, and keep an eye on the timing of 3 hourly medications day and night.

There days go over so quick owed to the hands on care Jasmine needs, suctioning 6 to 8 times a day, maybe more when she is unwell, administering medication, physio, they very rarely get enough time to go out as a family, owed to the care Jasmine needs and to the battery life on her ventilator. This couple never get to go out together as one of them is always with Jasmine.

Jasmine is attached to monitors to keep check on her heart rate and oxygen levels in her blood they try to sleep but it is never a deep one in fear they miss the alarms!

Their youngest daughter Zara absolutely adores her sister, and Jasmine showers her with cuddles and kisses! Both parents also live with the guilt that they cannot do as much with her as a family as one of them is always with Jasmine, they know that Zara misses out as they can’t go out for long owed to Jasmine’s machinery but they also cannot afford many days out.

This family’s financial situation is in need of serious lift! They got their selves into nothing short of a downward spiral when they both had to give up work and they get no help to try and pull themselves out of it…this is where we come in and give this loving family some breathing space!

It is our absolute pleasure to help these parents, to take the financial worry away for 3 months… it is a huge weight off their shoulders,

Quote from Jasmine’s Mam;

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Charlie Cookson Foundation for kindly offering to help us. It will take a huge weight off our minds by knowing the next 3 months’ worth of bills are paid for us. This extra money will mean we can pay off some of our bills and get to enjoy some quality days out with jasmine and Zara and be able to make more happy memories with them. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. X

Happy Birthday Jasmine from all of CCF and our Supporters xxx

Huge thank you to all of our supporters, our CCF Trustee’s our Market Volunteers, our Cookie’s Corner Volunteers, to everyone that has helped towards our fundraising events, if you have bought a ticket, a wristband, a hoody, a bargain….or donated!!! This is all your doing, these families really do need a break….together we will continue to make a difference.

Sending our Angel Charlie as much love as we can…catch our kisses little man you are making this happen, keep flying high and shining down on us.

Thank you all once again. Love from Sarah, Chris, Helen, Chris, Andrew and Dan xxxxxxxxxxx

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