Joshua – Such a Brave CCF Family

Joshua has a life-limiting illness called Juvenile Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD), which has no cure.

This rare progressive neurological condition affects the white matter of the brain. As a result of this, Joshua has experienced regression in his motor and cognitive skills since his diagnosis.

Joshua can no longer walk and entirely relies on his mother for all his care needs. His Mammy, Lucy, has had to give up her job to give her son the 24-hour care he needs to live as long as he can.

Lucy is an incredibly devoted Mammy who not only gives an abundance of love to Joshua but she is also his nurse and physiotherapist, who feeds him and cares for his every need.

It is heartbreaking for Lucy, who once watched her son walking at 19 months old, to see him now at the age of 7, relying on her for his every need, as this life-limiting condition has stripped away his abilities.

To be able to alleviate this incredible Mother’s stress and financial worries by paying her overdue rent and providing food vouchers has been down to all of our supporters, volunteers, trustees and staff.

All of your hard work and generosity has allowed us to change their lives; Lucy can now spend quality time with her sick child, who will sadly not live a long life, making precious memories without the suffocating feeling of money worries incurred due to not being able to work as her child needs her to stay alive.

Thank you all… be very proud of what you have achieved and forever grateful in the name of two special angels Charlie Cookson and Carter John Cookson 💙


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