Meet the inspirational Aiza and Subhaan

We would love to introduce to all our supporters another of our inspirational CCF families we have supported financially.

Aiza and Subhaan who both have a Neurological disorder, global development delay and Dravet syndrome causing severe complex epilepsy making both siblings wheelchair bound. They both require 24-hour care by their parents who have had to leave their jobs to give their children the care they need. At 8 months old Subhaan’s development regressed he was treated with steroids but did not show any response to the medication. Subhaan is non-verbal but will smile and giggle in response.

Out of both siblings Subhaan is the most vulnerable as last year he had respiratory failure causing him to end up on life support machine for 21 days and the family were faced with the most difficult times in their lives to prepare to say the final goodbyes which no parent should have to ever go through. Subhaan suffered a very severe injury to his hand and arm while on the ventilator causing arterial damage where his thumb had to be amputated and further surgery had to be carried out on his hand. Subhaan will require further surgery to his hand in life as he grows.

With the help from Tree of Hope Aiza & Subhaan’s family are fundraising to put a sensory and a hydro pool in their garden as this would help their muscle tightness and spasms caused by their seizures and Subhaan’s movement disorder.

Thank you to all our supporters whether it be donating to us ,volunteering your time, donating your pre loved items and purchasing from our shop you all helped us financially support this inspirational family, giving them a little breathing space, and taking away their financial burdens to allow them concentrate fully on Azia & Subhaan making happy memories.

A special thank you to Aiza and Subhaan family for allowing us to share their story, to all our supporters, volunteers, staff, trustees and of course our two angels, we will continue to do the work we do in loving memory of the two beautiful Cookson Brothers.

A quote from Mum :

The financial help and support we have received generously from the Charlie & Carter Foundation has enabled us as a family to access healthy food and other necessities and has helped us plan for the future without having to worry financially for months ahead. The Charlie & carter foundation is a source of strength for struggling families with children with disabilities during hard times showing this support to families like us creates a safe support system.

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