Meet the inspirational Florence, one of our CCF Families.

We would love to introduce to all our supporters another of our inspirational CCF families we have supported financially, Florence, who has a condition known as Aicardi syndrome.

Aicardi syndrome is a neurological disorder that has complete or partial absence of the nerve tissue that allows the right and left sides of the brain to communicate which can cause seizures in infancy.

Mum says:

“Florence was diagnosed in April 2023 the pregnancy was “Normal” all scans were fine, then Florence was born and we noticed her left eye wasn’t opening. When it eventually opened we noticed it was smaller than her right eye, which the hospital said it was swelling from the birth.

Our health visitor then referred us to Sunderland eye infirmary to be on the safe side. On the 3rd April 2023 Florence was diagnosed with coloboma of the back of her left eye, then on the 22nd April Florence started to have seizures. This lead to a hospital trip and a 3 week stay which lead to the diagnosis of Aicardi syndrome. Children with this condition our prone to chest infections and due to Florence having several chest infections in a short space of time, she now has a NG tube fitted to be given all her medication and feeds due to aspiration.”

Having all of your kind support whether it be donating to us or donating your preloved items and purchasing from our shop you all have helped us financially support this inspirational family, giving them a little breathing space, and taking away their financial burdens to allow them to concentrate fully on their poorly child.

Florence’s mam organised a sponsored walk to raise funds for various charities and has very kindly choose The Charlie & Carter Foundation as one of the charities to support.

The Cookie Monster was very lucky to meet the beautiful Florence and her Mam, while on their walk raising these vital funds, we need to support our CCF families

We are forever grateful for all the help and support from our lovely families. 💙💙

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