Meet the inspirational Hannah, taking on the Junior GNR!

inspirational Hannah, taking on the Junior GNR!

We are delighted to introduce you to the inspirational Hannah, who is taking on the Junior GNR raising funds for The Charlie and Carter Foundation.

Hannah’s Story:

Hannah has a number of medical conditions, including myelomeningocele spina bifida, hydrocephalus that requires a VP shunt, and other birth defects.

Over the years, Hannah has slowly struggled to find things that normal children her age would do. As a full-time wheelchair user, it has become increasingly hard to find activities that are inclusive and in our hometown. But we have been lucky enough in the past 2 years to find 2 amazing groups that she has been able to attend: True Colours Theatre which is an organisation based in Wallsend that is an inclusive theatre and school that has many opportunities for children to shine, and Able to Dance, which encourages individuals with any ability to dance.

This is her first year running, and it has been hard for her to choose between the two amazing charities in her life, but this year she would like to support the Charlie and Carter Foundation, which is a charity that provides financial support to parents of seriously ill children with life-limiting conditions that require 24-hour nursing care or specialist nursing facilities.

Hannah used to watch her older sister dance when she was younger and would participate in some classes, but as these freestyle classes were high-impact training on stamina, it started to become a struggle. However, when she was around 5, she was lucky enough to attend a competition with her sister and perform for a vast audience, and she loved that she got to do this. Her determination and resilience did not go unnoticed by friends and family. through doing this, she was nominated for the 2019 Child of Courage Award for the Best of South Tyneside Awards and also the Chronical Champions. She was delighted to win both of these titles.

Hannah had heard of Able to dance a few years ago, but her anxiety took over and she did not want to go. Also, at this time, she had a fear of lifts, which impacted her decision (not something that is ideal for a full-time wheelchair user), and life became a bit of a struggle for a few years. But in March 2023, Hannah decided that she wanted to go and try to dance, and this is when she fell in love with Sarah Howe Cookson and the Charlie and Carter Foundation.

Over the last year, Hannah has thrived and done things that she never thought she would ever do. Katie Weedon, a dancer at Sarah Howe Cookson School of Dance, has supported Hannah throughout her dance journey and will be running with Hannah. She has been an amazing support for her, not only through classes but also to help build up her confidence. She has helped her through learning routines, helped her with the Charlie and Carter NCDTA exam Hannah did in September 2023, and also joined her in showcasing her routine at the celebration awards alongside Sarah’s Howe Cookson School of Dance, who also participated in the exam.

Sarah is such an inspirational woman; she goes above and beyond for everyone, and Hannah and I, among many others, are forever truly grateful. She has created a space for children like Hannah, who have a place to go each week without judgement or expectations. This is the reason why Hannah would like to support Sarah and Chris (her partner), their boys Charlie and Carter, and all of the families that they help within the charity.

If you would like to support Hannah in this incredible challenge you can make a donation here

Sarah said:

I am so proud of you Hannah, you are such a huge inspiration to all of us. You are amazing and I know you will absolutely smash this challenge!

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