The CCF Families we support are incredibly strong, most people reading about their day to day lives find it very difficult to imagine what they go through. Some think that they just could not cope! The parents/parent we financially support were once in this situation, on the outside of the glass looking in at families who were ‘different and isolated’ Then….it happened, they had no choice, when their lives were turned upside down and were told;

“Your life will have to change to care 24/7 for your child, they will rely on you for their every need and will only live a short life”

Something in them turns them into more than being a Mammy or a Daddy, they quickly become their sick child’s Doctor, Nurse, Physiotherapist, basically… their lifeline.

Our 42nd CCF Family’s story shows how strong a parent can be when they feel life is against them. Luke Carthy aged 16 year old lives is Cheshire with his Mother Lynda and his 12 year old sister.

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