Our New CCF Ambassador ‘Kaylee Ann Davidson-Olley’

We would like to make a very special announcement

At our CCF Christmassy afternoon we asked an amazing lady if she would do us the great honour in becoming our ‘Charlie & Carter Foundation Ambassador’ and she said with the biggest smile 🎉YES🎉

This living miracle inspires us everyday and we know she has the same effect on so many others… we are of course talking about ‘Kaylee Ann Davidson-Olley’

Kaylee made medical history when in October 1987, she became the UK’s first successful baby heart transplant. Her historic surgery was carried out at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. Charlie & Carter’s Mammy & Daddy first heard about Kaylee when they were in hospital with Carter, her story gave them so much hope, she truly is a miracle!

They met up together after Carter lost his battle and they instantly formed a bond and became very good friends. Kaylee wanted to get involved with us and she kept to her word! We will always remember how Kaylee and her Mam Carol, worked so hard through the pandemic making ‘Funky Masks, made with love’ to help raise funds for us!

We admire Kaylee’s drive and passion for life and to achieve her dreams, we worried this would be lost after she sadly lost her lovely Mam Carol, but we are proud to say that she is now living life to it’s fullest, not just for her, her donor but for her Mam too!

We love seeing Kaylee every week when she volunteers in our shop.. the toy corner is without a doubt her pride and joy! we are so very grateful for all her time and efforts.

We hold a special bond with her, we appreciate with our entire body and soul the importance of organ donation, sadly our Carter did not receive his gift of life in time but our Kaylee is living proof that …..a heart truly does live on!

We are excited to have you standing with us Kaylee as our Ambassador, we feel blessed that you said yes!

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