Reggie receives an award!

Reggie is a little warrior from Cumbria.

He was born with a complex heart condition; he’s faced incredible challenges since day one. Reggie’s heart wasn’t fully developed, making every beat a struggle. By age 1, he’d already conquered multiple surgeries, fighting for each breath.

His amazing parents, Anouska and Chris, became his superheroes. They learned to monitor his health round the clock, juggling hospital visits, meds, and constant care. Reggie’s days were filled with oxygen monitors and tube feeding, all while his family prayed for a miracle.

Despite the odds, Reggie’s spirit shone bright. A heart transplant brought hope, but setbacks followed. Rejection took him to the edge, but Reggie fought back. Ventilators, dialysis and ECMO couldn’t break his spirit. With unwavering love, his family stood by him.

Today, Reggie’s a true champ, 4 years post-transplant. Clinic visits and meds are a part of life, but nothing dims their joy. This journey showed us the power of love, resilience, and community support.

Upon reading this family’s application, the trustees were deeply moved by Reggie’s fight and how brave he and his parents have been and continue to be. We’re honoured to have helped Reggie’s family on this path. Knowing that we could relieve a little bit of their worry, is exactly why the charity was created, to allow us to take away these financial burdens and to allow parents to make treasured memories with their sick child without them being clouded over with money worries.

Our CCF Heart Hero Reggie Wardale attended the ‘Brave Hearts of the North East Awards Ceremony’!

This amazing charity recognises and awards the most inspirational and brave children in the North East.

Anouska and Chris, Reggie’s parents are so very proud of him, as we are, his CCF Family!

Reggie is one of 24 children chosen to receive an award 💙

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