Remembering Carter John Cookson from Daddy

A message from our Founder Chris, Carters Daddy

19-01-2019 is a day that we should of never went through, it’s a day that Carter should of never went through.

Since the 19-01-2019 we have been lost even more since loosing Charlie.

We never feel like we can move on.

We never feel like we should have fun or enjoy life.

We never feel like be happy about life.

This is all behind closed doors and we try not to let it out, but it hurts every day.

We hope these feelings are not let out too much, and if it has, we apologise, but could you after loosing two children?

Today we remember Carter even more.

We remember who he was.

We remember how much strength he has given others.

We remember what he has brought many other families who have poorly children.

We remember his determination not to give up.

If you have a bad day, find the strength to fight through it from Carter.

Kids remember Carters fight for life.

You are with your brother Charlie, playing, having fun & and listening to your grandad John, he is in charge till me, and your mam see you again one day.

We are doing what we can in your honour to help others, with a brilliant team behind us we will make you and your brother proud.

We remember you every day, send us a sign today son, and give your mam a kiss if you can do that. Love you always

Your dad & mam forever.

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