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The Charlie and Carter Foundation (CCF) provides financial relief to parents/parent of seriously ill children who have life limiting conditions.

Financial Support

Our services will directly pay your mortgage, rent, gas, electric provide food vouchers, petrol card, basically help with your day to day living expenses. The foundation will cover a period of three months within our one payment budget. We understand how difficult life becomes when you have had to reduce your working hours or in fact leave your job/jobs as your child needs 24 hour care.

Please follow the guidelines below when completing our application form for our services. We will respond to all applications within 12 weeks of receiving them, however we financially support one family per month.

If we are unable to provide financial support, we will advise on signposting to relevant agencies that may be able to offer support to your family.

Please read through the application process through the button below.

The Charlie & Carter Foundation Criteria

The parent’s/parent must provide around the clock care for their sick child

The child attends respite/specialised schooling or full time care within a school environment

One of the parents must have had to leave their job or reduce their working hours to care for their child

The sick child must be diagnosed with a life limiting condition – confirmed in writing from a Medical Professional

Applicants can only apply once within any twelve month period

The age limit for the sick child is up to and including 16 years old

All information provided must be accurate and correct

Parent/Parents must be a British Citizen or hold a permit to allow them to reside/work in the United Kingdom. They must have resided in the UK for a minimum of 12 months prior to applying

Bereavement Support for our supported ccf families

Harry Annable

The Charlie and Carter Foundation continues to financially support our CCF families throughout their most heartbreaking time.

Sadly, all of our families will have to say goodbye to their courageous child when their condition takes hold. Most of the time, the chosen CCF families are housed because of their sick child therefore they have to vacate their home within two weeks of their passing.

This is a heart-breaking situation to be in; their benefits stop, and they have no wage. How are they expected to cope?

This is the reason why CCF decided to further financially support our CCF Families at this devastating time. Our first bereaved CCF family had nowhere to turn, they were faced with further financial hardship when their child passed away. We provided further financial support, which gave them some breathing space. They had the chance to stay in the house they had created so many memories with their never-to-be-forgotten loved one. CCF paid their rent and provided vouchers to put food in their cupboards to help them move onto the next stage of grieving.

Sarah and Christopher Cookson build good, strong relationships with the parents of these amazing children. Consequently, they have a bond that only those that have lived this kind of life can understand. Sometimes they just want someone to talk to when they are struggling or have nowhere to turn.

Carson Hartley
Frankie Da Silva Family Picture

The Charlie & Carter Foundation relates to each and every family that crosses our path. They will forever hold a special place in the hearts of us all at CCF. We are one big extended family that just keeps on growing and, whether these children are with us on earth or in spirit, we will continue to do all that we can to make life more bearable for their families, especially at their most difficult times.

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