South Shields Town Hall lights up blue to celebrate Charlie Cooksons Birthday

Saturday 13th April would have been Charlie Cooksons 13th Birthday and to celebrate South Shields Town Hall will be lit blue in his memory.

Charlie was born on April 13th , 2011, but he had to endure regular hospital treatment for muscle and bone problems. Furthermore, he suffered from a blood disorder, which weakened his immune system.

As his family worried and continued to do everything they could to help him, Charlie continued to struggle. His eyes looked so tired, and this mystery progressive disease finally took its hold of this courageous little boy. Sarah and Christopher Cookson’s beloved Charlie passed away at 8.15pm on 29th October 2013.

Charlie was the inspiration and motivation for the charity and in the last 10 years The Charlie and Carter Foundation has financially supported 122 families who have had to endure similar experiences as Chris and Sarah, helping keep Charlie’s memory alive.

Sarah Cookson, MBE, Charlie’s Mummy says “

This is a really special birthday, Charlie turning 13 makes us think about what he would have been like as a teenager, what would he have been into and what would his personality be? Questions we will never have the answers to.  South Shields means so much to myself and Chris and we will never forget how the town rallied round when we needed help with Charlie. To this date the town still supports his charity, the Charlie and Carter Foundation and we can’t thank everyone enough.

If you pass the Town Hall on Saturday and see it lit up blue, please blow a kiss into the sky and think of Charlie.

Everyone at The Charlie and Carter Foundation would like to thank the South Shields Community for their support.

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