Vinnie – An Inspirational CCF Family

At just 9 weeks old, this brave little boy was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1.

His parents Kelly and Andrew were told the devastating news that Vinnie would not live past 1 year old. His strength and determination proved them wrong, and he is still here fighting daily.

Kelly spent every day searching for treatment for their baby boy, and she eventually got Vinnie on a trial at Great Ormond Street Hospital at 7 months old in the hope that they could have more borrowed time with their boy.

In May this year, he suffered a catastrophic event which led to him being diagnosed with Hypoxic Brain Injury, which has impacted Vinnie massively. He fought so hard over the 7 years to build up what little strength he had; this diagnosis has taken part of this boy away.

Vinne uses various machines to keep him alive: bipap, suction machine, cough assist, feeding pump and saturation monitor.

Mam gives her boy around-the-clock care, his physio, his medication, his constant monitoring of machinery.

Because of all of our amazing supporters, we have been able to relieve this fantastic Mammy of her financial burdens, paying her gas, electricity, rent and council tax!

This inspirational Mammy deserves to have some relief after the worry and heartache she suffers every day.

We will continue to support families who have children with life-limiting conditions in honour of our angels Charlie & Carter 💙💙


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